Training Seminars

Training seminars at TSB Loss Control

In addition to our custom tailored industrial emergency services training conducted on site (at your facility) and at the TSB Loss Control Emergency Services Training Center in Rome, Georgia, our full time training staff hosts seminars that focus on a specific area of industrial emergency services response. Examples include:

Other seminars scheduled at the client's request

Our seminars are specifically designed to provide industrial Emergency Response Team members and leaders a comprehensive exposure to both the principles and practices of emergency response within the context of the discipline being covered. Participants are presented pertinent information, case histories, practical solutions, and applicable references needed to function effectively at your next emergency. Questions, comments, and open discussion are always encouraged. Students are then given the opportunity to apply each of the skills discussed in class by participating in hands-on exercises with realistic scenarios and the actual equipment required for the tasks. At leadership seminars, table-top exercises and group activities are often used to develop and practice incident management skills.

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The TSB training staff consists of full-time emergency services professionals with many years of collective confined space and high angle rescue, fire fighting, hazardous materials response, and incident management training and experience. We boast an impressive blend of education, training, and career experience with keen insight into the unique challenges and needs of industrial rescue and emergency response. Our training objectives focus on providing your personnel the most accurate, comprehensive, and useful information and experiences possible in a training environment.

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