About TSB Loss Control Consultants

TSB Loss Control Rome, GA

Our history

TSB Loss Control Consultants Inc. is an emergency service training organization, established in 1971 as Mead Insurance Services, later known as Mead Loss Control and becoming TSB in 1995. Protection Mutual Insurance Company bought TSB Loss Control in 1997 and in 1999 merged with Factory Mutual, now known as FM Global. Since 1971, this loss control company has exemplified a commitment to training in safe and effective emergency response techniques.

What we offer

TSB Loss Control, a member of the FM Global Group, is a progressive emergency services training organization providing comprehensive training for emergency response personnel and those responsible for organizing, managing and/or directing emergency response activities. We are a loss prevention consulting company, specializing in the training of emergency response personnel including:

  • Industrial fire brigades (incipient and structural)
  • Hazardous materials emergency response teams (awareness level, operations level, technician level and specialist level)
  • Technical rescue teams (high angle, confined space, water, etc.)
  • Emergency medical services (AED, CPR, first aid and first responder)
  • Fire protection systems maintenance personnel
  • Municipal and rural fire departments

Professional staff

We maintain a complete staff of professional emergency response instructors with experience in all types of industry and emergency response, who are highly skilled at providing our clients with safe, realistic and meaningful training. These skilled professionals can provide fire system inspections, in-house audits, hazard and resource assessments, emergency response capabilities/needs assessments and recommendations, emergency response plan and program development and on-call emergency response.

Our facility

We are the leader in delivering up to date training programs, which are conducted at the TSB Loss Control Training Center in Rome, Ga., and on site at industrial locations worldwide. Our state of the art training center is situated on 328 acres of TSB Loss Control land and has the most modern training scenarios and environmental equipment available. In addition to the training simulators currently in place at our center, we are continually adding to our training simulators in order to continue to offer training that will be very specific to the needs of various emergency response organizations for many years into the future. We feel that being able to provide our clients with training tailored to their facility is a most important element in an effective training program.

Laws and Regulations

All TSB Loss Control training programs are designed to assist companies in their efforts to comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards. Examples of such requirements include Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, FM Global recommendations, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and other regulator and standard requirements that affect industrial emergency response operations.